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What is PhoneFavs?

Simply put, PhoneFavs is a handy website for surfing the web on your phone!

PhoneFavs is a collection of tools and links to make your mobile web browsing experience a much better one! You can keep an access anywhere list of bookmarks in a conveniently mobile format, discover new mobile sites and entertainment in the directory, download smartphone software or browse anywhere on the net with the mobilizer.

You can learn more by checking out our guide, usage tips and blog.

Is PhoneFavs Free?

Most of PhoneFavs is free and open to the public. However, to save and import personal bookmarks users must purchase an account for a small fee.

Why PhoneFavs?

Of course there are plenty of online bookmarking sites out there, but PhoneFavs is the only one that is fully and completely designed and optimized for use on smartphones and small screen devices. Our pages are lightweight and mobile browser friendly and look great on both small and large displays. We also provide a mobilizer service [Mobilizer] so you can automatically access your Favs or almost any site in a mobile friendly format.

How do I use PhoneFavs?

It's simple - visit with your web browser and enjoy.

Favs - Portable Bookmarks
PhoneFavs lets you keep a list of bookmarks online in a mobile friendly format. Your Favs can be tagged, searched, shared and mobilized at your connivence.

PhoneFavs' bookmarking utility works best in combination with your primary desktop computer. With the browser buttons in place, you can easily save sites you might want to bookmark or visit later on your mobile device.

PhoneFavs Mobilizer
The Mobilizer is a mobile transcoder that automatically adapts standard web pages for better viewing on a mobile device. It removes most images and formatting for greatly improved readability and faster load times. The [Mobilizer] icon on your Favs list will open your saved Fav with the mobilizer or you can enter any website address from the PhoneFavs homepage to browse the web in a small screen friendly format.

The PhoneFavs mobile link directory includes over 450 handpicked sites optimized for use on mobile phones. There are over 25 categories and subcategories of destinations and you can suggest a site if we don't have it listed.

Mobile Software and Games
PhoneFavs offers a mobile optimized software store. The store offers thousands of free downloads and commercial titles for many popular smartphones including devices running Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian (Nokia S60) platforms. Customers can download free trials and even purchase applications right from their handset.

Do I have to subscribe to use PhoneFavs?

No. Most of PhoneFavs is free and open to the public. We charge a small nominal fee to create an account. Interested users can signup for a low subscription plan billed yearly. This is an affordable trial option which can be cancelled anytime. For users who prefer to pay once, we offer our discounted lifetime plan.

I purchased an account but did not receive the activation email or signup form.

After successfully completing checkout at PayPal, your web browser should be automatically forwarded to the PhoneFavs Account Signup page where you can select a new username and password.

If for some reason this does not happen, or your browser is not sent to the signup page, please email us at: and we will get your account setup as soon as possible.

How do I unsubscribe?

Subscribers can cancel anytime, simply click here.

Can I keep my Favs Private?

Absolutely yes. There are three levels of privacy for PhoneFavs bookmarks.

By default, Favs are public, but you can set them to be fully private (only viewed by your account when logged in) or shared with a watchlist (shared with other PhoneFavs users you have added to your own watchlist.)

Can I use and import my existing bookmarks?

PhoneFavs can import exported bookmark files from Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and

Will it work with my _____? What do I need?

PhoneFavs will work on ANY mobile phone, smartphone, computer or portable device that has Internet access and a standard web browser.

PhoneFavs works very well with the following devices and browsers: iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm webOS, Centro, Treo, Android, Opera Mini, Safari, webkit, Firefox, Windows Mobile and many others.

Page _____ does not work with the mobilizer...

The mobilizer service is currently in perpetual beta. It works with a majority of websites out there, however there are some pages that may not load or may not function as expected. If it is something crucial, please email us the page and error message and we will take a look.

Who runs PhoneFavs?

PhoneFavs is another exciting Mobile Infocenter project.

Mobile Infocenter is a small, independent Southern California based company that develops mobile technology websites including PalmInfocenter and MobiltyBeat.

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